Higher Vit. C Juice Sauce Pork Rib...

Higher Vit. C Juice Sauce Pork Rib 补充维他命C酸甜果汁排骨

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Higher Vit. C Juice Sauce Pork Rib 补充维他命C酸甜果汁排骨

The chef uses fruit, vegetable and salad juice sauce to top the golden ribs, which tastes sweet and sour and has high nutritional value.

It is a favourite appetizer for both the old and the young.

Package includes :

腌制排骨 Marinated Pork Rib Pieces - 1packet

自家调制高维他命C果汁酱 Homemade Higher Vitamin C Juice Sauce - 1packet


  1. 易煮包浸入温水解冻可加速解冻过程

    Sinking it into warm water can speed up the defrosting proses

  2. 把排骨炸至金黄色,捞起沥干油分,盛碟备用。

    Deep fry Pork Rib in hot oil until golden brown, dish and drain.

  3. 将果汁酱煮热,加入排骨搅均即可上桌。

  4. Heat up Juice Sauce put in fried Pork Rib ib and stir well. Dish up and serve.

Weight: 300g

Delivery: 3-5 working days

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