5A Grade Bowl Bird Nest 精选屋燕盏
5A Grade Bowl Bird Nest 精选屋燕盏

5A Grade Bowl Bird Nest 精选屋燕盏

Tax included

Content Weight : Average 8g±/piece

Quantity=gram, RM9.8/g

Example: minimum purchase order quantity is 16g = 2pcs

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 16.


Product Description

Preparation: Use 1 piece each time, for 2 persons. Steep in warm water (600ml±) for 1 hour or until it expanded and texture softened. Place the soaked bird’s nest piece in a double boiler with 2 bowls (400ml) of water and 40gm of cane sugar. Double-boil for 1 hour on moderate flame.

Storage: Please place unused bird’s nest in refrigerator.



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RM 1 - RM20
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